Umair Ahmad is Founder and CEO of Paksitani Media Company Youth Group Limited, The Youth International Pakistani Newspaper, Hire Wikipedia Editor, Youth HD TV, Pakistan Times,, Youth Productions, Youth Publishers, USoft Solutions and USoft FM Radio. Umair Ahmad Pakistani Young businessman, Author, Researcher, Motivational and Public Speaker. He is a very talented guy from Pakistan. He works for the betterment of Pakistan. By professional Umair Ahmad is a Software Engineer. He is an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Wikipedia Page Creation and WordPress Customization.

Early Life of Umair Ahmad

Umair Ahmad

Umair Ahmad

Umair Ahmad was born at Lahore on 16 April 1997. His father name is Iftikhar Ahmad Butt. He was general Store Owner in Ahmad Nagar Chattha. He was a very nice, decent, loving and professional person by nature. Umair spends most of his childhood in Lahore due to some family problems. That is a reason he known as a Lahori. As a student, he is not in studies. Umair doesn’t like this dramatic world useless educational system. That is followed in Pakistan from a loge time ago.

Umair Ahmad likes practical work. He is an addict of practical work as he is doing to prove that he is a professional and practical person in life. He founded professional and particle solutions to start a professional standard education in Pakistan through Youth Academy, Youth Institute of Technology Youth Group of Schools & Colleges and the University of Youth. Umair wants to build a number of different organization in His life as he thing a few years back in his life.

Umair Ahmad in his book mentioned that life without the following action was just a waste of time. He wants to sing songs, write songs, write moves and produce movies in his life. Umair Ahmad vision is very clear that anyone can understand and get to move on for the batter growth of national and international activities of the world. People paly an important role to go through world-oriented and national organizations. he wants to see this world in a positive way he want to world the people that don’t have opportunities in this world. he wants to become sources of opportunity for those people.

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